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by Amber Maye (amber_maye)
at August 20th, 2005 (11:05 am)

Who: Daisy Duke
Where: The Boar's Nest
When: Mid-Morning
Open to: Anyone
What: Amber brings in her job application to be a waitress.

Amber Maye pulled up to The Boar's Nest and exited her car, a paper in her hand. She opened the door to the Boar's Nest and walked in. Spotting Daisy, she raced over to her, grinning brightly.

"Daisy, here's my application. Sorry it took so long."

She then took a seat, waiting for Daisy to turn in the application to whoever was in charge and (hopefully) start working.


by enos_strate (enos_strate)
at August 18th, 2005 (11:27 pm)

current mood: working

Who: Deputy Enos Strate
When: Afternoon
Where: Duke Farm
Open to: Any of the Dukes that are home.
What: Came to fine evidence that the Dukes were running shine.

Pulling up to the Duke Farm Enos had all of his mixed feelings boiling up inside of him. He had to do his job but, he didn't want his job to be the Dukes. Coming to a complete stop Enos killed the engine and sat there composing himself. Taking a deep breath he opened the driver's side door and got out.

Straightening his hat Deputy Strate approached the front door. So far he hadn't seen anyone in the yard and figured that if anyone was around they'd probably be inside. Sucking in one last breath of confidence he knocked on the door regretting the reason for his visit.

In Need of a Plan
by Sheriff Coltrane (sheriffxroscoe)
at August 18th, 2005 (10:08 pm)

current mood: grumpy

Who: Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane
When: Afternoon
Where: The Sheriff's Office
Open to: Enos
What: Rosco needs a plan...

To say Boss Hogg was not happy would be an understatement. Rosco hadn't found one person that saw Bo and Luke out last night. Not a single one. Plenty of them saw the General Lee all right, but they all agreed that the person driving it didn't look like the boys -- there was only one of them for starters and they were too small.

And since he had no witnesses, he had no reason to arrest them. Yet. But he'd find one. He had to find one. Boss was certain that the boys had something to do with the shine run to Sweetwater. And even if they didn't...well he was certain he could make it look like they did. Then they'd go to jail and he'd no longer have to worry about them screwing up.

All he needed was for Rosco to arrest them.

With a sigh, Rosco stood and grabbed his hat. The longer he sat around the office, the less of a chance he had of finding the Dukes. "Come on, Enos..."

He headed for the door.

Virginia [userpic]
Taking Care of Business
by Virginia (virginiaxduke)
at August 14th, 2005 (12:10 pm)

current mood: anxious

Who: Ginny, Luke, Jesse
Where: The Duke Farm
When: Between "Clearing the Air" and "House Cleaning"
What: A whole lot of talking...
Open to: Bo and Daisy if they want to listen in/interrupt

The whole drive home, Ginny was trying to figure out just what she was going to say. She couldn't argue with Jesse the way she argued with Luke and Jesse was going to want much more solid answers. She just hoped she had those answers.

Pulling up alongside Luke, she climbed out and shut the door. With a quick glance at her brother, she headed inside knowing full well he was going to follow.

She flopped down in a chair and waited. She sure wasn't going to be the one to start this.

House Cleaning
by Amber Maye (amber_maye)
at August 12th, 2005 (12:20 pm)

current mood: chipper

Who: Amber and Luke
When: Afternoon
Where: Amber's House
Open to: *shrugs* Anyone
What: Amber asks Luke to come help fix her television

Amber was washing a few dishes. She'd already finished setting up majority of her things, which was her planned goal. She'd also set up her puppy supplies, and registered the dog and everything. She finished soaping up the dishes, rinsed them off and placed them on a towel to dry.

Amber then went over to Jake, bent down and pet him. She paused for a minute, hoping Uncle Jesse has properly relayed the message sge left to Luke. About how she was starting to get bored and wanted a working television, if he had the time. She didn't know if or when he was coming, so it was completely at his disposal whether he was come or not. Amber finished up a few things, hung out some laundry, and made her bed before plopping down on her couch for a breather.

Virginia [userpic]
Clearing the Air...
by Virginia (virginiaxduke)
at August 11th, 2005 (02:03 pm)

current mood: sad

Who: Virginia and Luke
When: Early Afternoon (After Ginny leaves Amber's)
Where: The Lake...
Open to: Noone
What: Ginny tries to explain...

Leaving Amber's place, Ginny got on the CB and radioed the house, passing a message through Jesse to have Luke meet her up by the lake. Jesse wasn't sure what had gotten into those two...but he knew something was up between them and he wanted it stopped. Leaving the message where Luke would find it, he went about his business.
Ginny sat by the lake, every so often skipping a stone across it. Or trying to. She had never been very good at it. Spending the morning with Amber had been fun (and distracting) but she needed to talk to Luke. She needed to clear the air with him.

Having him mad at her...it....well it just sucked. And he had most definitely been mad. She only hoped he would come....

Virginia [userpic]
Business Meeting
by Virginia (virginiaxduke)
at August 11th, 2005 (09:41 am)

current mood: excited

Who: Virginia and Amber
Where: Amber's House
When: After Ginny leaves the farm
Open to: The Boys (Depending upon their talk with Rosco)
What: Ginny and Amber make plans...

Ginny was three-fourth's of the way to Amber's place before it even dawned on her that Amber might not be up. Oh well...this was important. Besides, she had to give Amber her half of the money and money always woke people up.

Even though she didn't have Amber's house number, it wasn't hard to tell which house was hers. There was only one that hadn't been occupied. Parking her car out front, she headed up the front steps and knocked.

Bad News for Boss
by Sheriff Coltrane (sheriffxroscoe)
at August 10th, 2005 (04:46 pm)

current mood: anxious

Who: Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane
Where: The Boar's Nest
When: Mid-Morning
Open to: Noone
What: Rosco tells Boss about the previous night...

A little lengthy...Collapse )

Virginia [userpic]
Anybody Wanna Buy a Car?
by Virginia (virginiaxduke)
at August 10th, 2005 (11:38 am)

current mood: excited

Who: Virginia and Luke
When: Sometime after Bo and Luke talk/Mid Morning
Where: The Duke Farm
Open to: I don't know...Bo if he's around
What: Ginny offers to buy her big brother's car

Letting the screen door bang shut behind her, Ginny ran down the front steps and towards the barn, looking for Luke. Apparently, he and Bo were in their finishing up their morning chores.

Good. If they were still working, it meant they hadn't had time to talk to Cooter. "Luke!" She came to a stop and looked around. He and Bo were in the back, straightening up and moving around some farm equipment. "Luke..."

She fished around in her pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. Not much more than Cooter would have given them, but still..."I wanna buy your car."

Virginia [userpic]
Explinations...Yeah Right....
by Virginia (virginiaxduke)
at August 9th, 2005 (09:35 pm)

Who: Virginia and Bo
When: Immediately after "Midnight Run"
Where: Inside the General Lee
Open to: No one (they're in a car...)
What: Bo tries to get some info on the car ride home...

Bo hopped in his car and looked at Ginny, sulking. She took his car out and after he let her out of decency, Luke rags on him. They had to go find them, and to top it all, Luke got to bring Amber home. Bo started the car and waited for Ginny to hop in. Maybe he'd at least be able to find out what was really going on.
"You comin' Gin?"

"Yeah. I'm coming." She gave Luke and Amber one last glance before sliding in through the window. She knew she could trust Amber. It was just...Luke could be very persuasive sometimes. For that reason she was glad she was riding home with Bo.

The money securely in her pocket, she settled in the passanger seat. "You two are unbelieveable. Why didn't you tell Luke everything was fine?"

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